At heart, I'm a storyteller.

I started as a public affairs photojournalist nearly 15 years ago after graduating at the top of my class (with the state legislation to prove it).

Because I love stories, I began experimenting with all the ways to share them, illustrate them and even measure them. That's why my content expertise today is broad. It includes:

  • Content strategy and design
  • Hiring and managing content teams
  • SEO for blog posts
  • Photography and graphic design
  • Social media
  • Web data analysis and dashboard setup
  • Public relations
  • Creating brand style guides
  • Teaching people about great content

Cheryl, are you really that great at all those things?

Nah. I'm an expert writer and content manager, a middling videographer and a mere dilettante when it comes to web design (which is why I hire a pro for redesigns like this one). But where I really excel is applying an analytical approach to solving creative problems. Here's some stuff I'm proud of:

Do you do anything else besides work?

Why, yes, I do. I’m touched that you should ask. I love reading, traveling, volunteering with nonprofits, hiking and cuddling small- to medium-sized animals. I also enjoy luring unsuspecting family members into playing word games like Taboo so I can win (though I've currently run out of family members for this). I cook a lot, too: cauliflower curry, shakshuka and weird experiments with avocado. And I'm a bit of a personal finance junkie.

To take a peek into my travels and personal life, check out my blog. Or feel free to connect on LinkedIn. I'm also delighted when people tweet me.