The Tate House

The Tate House

I don’t typically care much for Christmas décor, but I’ve got to hand it to the folks at the Tate House: they do it up right for the holidays.

The famous “Pink Palace” situated 45 minutes north of Atlanta throws open its doors for two weeks during the season to show off its lavish decorations. In every corner, hallway and even the butler’s pantry, you’ll find bows, bulbs, garlands, poinsettias and more. The sunroom is always festooned in pink, a nod to the pink “Etowah” marble used to build the mansion.

Other highlights include a large outdoor manager scene set against the background of the North Georgia foothills, an elaborate gingerbread Tate House, a number of 14-foot Christmas trees and various sculpted carolers, elves and Santas.

The tour is mostly self-guided. The owner will introduce you to the home, telling you the colorful story of its construction by a business tycoon followed by years of disuse and vandalism to its stunning rebirth as a wedding venue.

From there, you’re free to wander the home and grounds on your own. It should go without saying, but bring your camera. The decorations are truly show-stopping.

The Great Gatsby-era mansion is an architectural wonder in its own right, too. The four facades are each slightly different: Georgian, Italian, Mediterranean and English Courtyard. Fountains, sprawling oaks and gardens add to the charm of the 19,000-acre estate.

And it’s classy inside, too. There’s a chandelier in every room, marble floors throughout, a grand piano by a sweeping staircase and a 4,000-foot ballroom.

Also in the ballroom, if you choose to dine along with your tour, are a dozen thrilling confections that you can pair with a light lunch or music in the evening. It’s a little pricier but a true experience in refined Southern hospitality.

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