The Goat Farm Arts Center

The Goat Farm Arts Center

The indie, eclectic, industrial Goat Farm is an unusual place. It’s versatile, post-modern almost, with just as many meanings.

It’s a haven of sustainability, an incubator for local arts movements, a backdrop for dystopian blockbusters, a launching point for cultural revolution and an actual farm with goats, among other inhabitants.

Industrial architecture at the Goat Farm Arts Center

The Goat Farm Arts Center hosts a number of events throughout the year, from balls, auctions and live readings to kung fu cooking demonstrations and choose-your-own adventure theater. Its location in West Midtown Atlanta is apt, and you should go there if you are a photographer, artist, art lover or hipster or if you have a penchant for those things quirky and quixotic, rare and a trifle aberrant.

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