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November 6, 2016

Fall Flowers at Gibbs Gardens

When you’re a garden lover living just an hour south of one of the country’s most charming pleasure gardens, it’s hard not to be a frequent visitor. I’ve now had the fun of seeing Gibbs Gardens in its three showiest seasons: spring, summer and most recently, fall.

This fall, unfortunately, has been a warm one, meaning the leaves were a little shy to turn.

Here’s what I saw in the famous Japanese garden, a focal point for fall color, when I visited last weekend.

Japanese Garden in Fall at Gibbs

You can see a maple tree, deep scarlet, hovering in the background above the reflecting pond. There are also many golds around the garden — deep amber and shocking yellow — in the shrubs, leaves and flowers.

Golden bush at Gibbs Gardens

But the truly stunning show begins this coming weekend when the bulk of the trees should turn to brilliant colors.

Meanwhile, however, I enjoy flowers even more than fall color, and Gibbs Gardens is still blooming.

Gibbs Gardens

Especially up by the Manor Gardens, you can enjoy flowers along with their artificial accompaniments — trellises, gazebo, fountains, gates. Don’t miss the view of the North Georgia mountains in the distance from the top of the hill by the manor.

Manor House Garden Fence

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