Atlanta’s Pie Bar

August 13, 2017

Pie Bar

I really like pie.

Cake, cookies and candy are sweet, sure, but they don’t seem nearly as sophisticated as layers of fruit and cream in a soft, flaky crust. It’s a personal preference. I find most people are are Team Cake or Team Pie. I’m Team Pie.

Pie Bar tarts at Sway

So naturally when I heard about Atlanta’s nightly pie bar at one of its posh downtown restaurants, I had to give it a try. For just $9, you can sample from about a dozen desserts, including gluten-free parfaits, tiny delectable tarts and pie slices so large that balancing them long enough to land them safely on your plate is no small feat.

Enjoy more pie photos and a recipe:
Atlanta Is Home to the Nightly Pie Bar of Your Sweetest Dreams

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